Floor Decals

Our dance floor decals are the perfect solution for your Wedding Day, Birthday Party, Bat Mitzvah etc.. 

Do you want a picture on the decal, we can print anything you wish.

Can be any size you wish. 

The decal is a cut vinyl transfer. It is produced by passing rolls of solid colored, adhesive backed vinyl through a cutting machine. The excess vinyl is peeled away, leaving behind your chosen decal design.

The decal is pre-masked for easy installation.                                                                                                                    

We love coming up with designs and would be thrilled to work with you to create the best effect possible for your event.  Please email me what you are looking for and I will send you a PDF proof. 

Decals are great for creating short or longer-term decorations and can be applied to numerous surfaces. Our decals can be used to decorate dance floors, glass (indoor and outdoor), mirrors, smooth metal and walls. These are just suggestions – the possibilities and ways you can create original decorations are endless!

All surfaces must be clean and free of grease or wax, or this will affect the performance of the decal and will cause it to peel. 

The decals will not stick to rough or uneven surfaces like brick, porous aluminum or stucco surfaces. Please also note that decals will not stick to dance floors that have been newly waxed. 

 Our decals are intended for short-term application and are removable, but not repositionable. They are made from matt, exhibition grade vinyl, which is safe for any of the surfaces we recommend and will not leave a sticky residue. To remove, pick a corner of the decal and peel it back. Waving a hair dryer over the decal before removal will help to release the adhesive but this is not necessary. Gentle application will make the decal easier to remove.

Price depends on the size and the amount of printing